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Family and Friends
Mostly Nephews
My Snakes
Teddy's Picnic July 2000
Rainbow Summer Opening Day
Bowling at UWM
Milwaukee Beach and Zoo
Brandt and Tricia's House and Boat
Milwaukee Winter Pictures
Christmas 2000
Mowing with Kevin - July 2000
The Brewers vs. Cubs July 2000
The Brewers Last Game at County Stadium
The Brewers County Stadium Pics & Miller Park Pics
Miller Park Open House
Camping at Boulder Lake - August 2000
Carps' Candlewood Lake Cottage
Janice and Dave's Trip to California
Irish Fest
Hart Park Fest
Harvest Fair
Bastille Days - July 2000
State Fair 2000
Pajama Party
Homebrew Labels
Ferrari Challenge
Chuck E. Cheese
Monterrey Mexico
Tahoe 2001 - page 1
Tahoe 2001 - page 2
Tahoe 2001 - page 3
Tahoe 2001 - page 4
Dan's Tahoe Pics
Finbar - Joe's 30th
Toga Party
Bowling at UWM 2
My New House!
Miller Park
Tommy P's Wedding
California With Kevin