The following are some of the labels that I have created for my homebrews.  Some have made it
                actual bottles.... others made it to the printer, but I never cut them out... some were just fun ideas
                that never had a brew to go with them... and some were made for batches that were kegged.
                It's been a while since I've bottled a batch.  Send along your favorite recipe and I'll try something
                new and exciting....

                The Name:  Lord Finch  - a stately English Brew.  If you have any better suggestion let me know.

                Click on the Tumbnail for a fullsize image.

lf-1.jpg lf-10.jpg lf-11.jpg lf-12.jpg
lf-13.jpg lf-2.jpg lf-3.jpg lf-4.jpg
lf-5.jpg lf-6.jpg lf-7.jpg lf-8.jpg


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